Watch my lecture about Continuity Between Offline And Online Experience

UXI Live Conference (Hebrew)
October 2010

Hi. I'm Eyal.

Interaction and brand Designer for 14 years, technologist, artist, analyst, addicted to the junction between them all.
BscTe in Visual Communication Design from H.I.T- Graduated with Honor. Since 1998, I planned and designed dozens of sites and applications for the web, desktop and mobile for various companies - from small start-ups to international corporates.

I can help you...

Defineyour product

Does the user understand your service or product on first encounter?

What does he compare it to, and how does that work for him?

Planusage flows

You have goals. Or at least you should have. Sometimes they're not the user's goals.

How do we align your goals together, and lead the user along the path?

Designthe user interface

You have tons of features - many of them are just in the way.

Now it's time to make it simple & easy to use, while keeping it emotionally appealing.

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